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This Man Van Hechter

An outlook at his Spotify channel will show you that Van Hechter boasts of over 49K monthly listeners with tracks from his impressive catalog collectively accumulating millions of streams. But who really is Van Hechter? He is a fun-loving person with an easily approachable demeanor and he loves to express his music through humor and also touches on some sensitive issues through dance music. So when he is not making boisterous LGBTQ-themed anthems like “Disco Brother” or dance tunes to take you to the club like, “Love in Miami” and “The Delight”, he is probably downing an insanely large amount of wine or doing the regular 1-hour workout he always does each day, 7 days a week!

He admits that he hasn’t touched junk food in years preferring the greens, lemons, and berries including anything healthy he prepares in raw olive oil. He also likes green tea with ginger and prefers lean cuts of meat and fatty fish for protein. When you look at his sturdy, muscular physique, then you might be motivated to borrow some of his secrets and eating habits.

His name Van Hechter has been molded from his alter-ego. He is a man who isn’t afraid of being himself and has been operating so ever since he came out of his not-so-admirable self-deprecating shell which he decided to leave behind ever since he turned 16.  Though he plays in the world, he adores the wilderness, not only metaphorically but literally.

As a testicular cancer survivor, he now more than ever appreciates life having had that near-death experience. And he has a great message to pass to anyone out there- life is really beautiful. Don’t miss out on all its awesomeness and incredibleness. It’s there for you- no matter what you might be going through. We all live on borrowed time so we might as well make most of the time we are alive!

Van has never done drugs and actually uses wine to relax. Among his priceless collections is Alex- yeah you read that right; a stuffed bear he rescued from an “adult party” house. Alex has been his fictional assistant and gets this, he has his own Instagram page (and then there’s me- I’ve been struggling to put up a profile since last week!) if you want to get on well with Van, you have to get the approval of Alex, it’s simple as that!

Having been bullied in childhood, he never once folded under pressure and he lives his own life the best know he knows how. Actually, his life has generally been a steady stream of irrefutable beauty which has little to do with having money but has more to do with finding fulfillment in the smallest of things.

Van is also married but has separated for a few years now though his husband remains his best friend and he urges people out there to embrace loneliness instead of fearing it. Long stretches spent in noiseless contemplation has really been one of the secrets of the advanced mind. Ultimately, you’re the only person you’ll be with your entire life. Why not strengthen your relationship with your greatest self, fully know your genius and start a lifetime love affair with your most noble nature? (Here’s is some food for thought.)

He is a real-life keeper and maintains great friendships everywhere he goes and he truly adores everything about him and what he has become.

I can write a novel, but for now, I’ll let you have this. Follow Van Hechter everywhere and find out which way next he plans on astonishing the world!

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