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London-based singer and songwriter VASSIŁINA is gaining attention with her new song “Crooked.” On this dark and eclectic single, VASSIŁINA brings raw truth to the forefront. These are the feelings of a human… a person expressing their inner thoughts and ideas, regardless of how others may perceive them.

VASSIŁINA is a deeply rooted and talented creator. She delivers, every time. We all experience dark moments. insecurities, pain, and uncertainties. Ultimately, these are the things which fuel our determination to overcome obstacles and break barriers.

VASSIŁINA‘S music is a mixture of indie pop and alternative rock. It is infused with dark electro, and punk. She has some “glam rock style” from the 80’s, sprinkled in there as well.

The visual for “Crooked” sets a theme that is perfectly aligned with the songs overall vibe. I feel the music sets the tone, for this creative visual work. VASSIŁINA and her camp delivered a memorable track with “Crooked.”



Article by Michael Norman

Instagram: @M.Aundre

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