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New Zealand-based rapper and producer Veek Aesthetics confronts his personal demons with “These Days”

Veek Aesthetics is a multifaceted artist, rapper, and producer based out of New Zealand who has been in the music game for over a decade now. He is celebrated for his dynamic stage charisma, confident presence, profound vocals, and songwriting genius, which allow him to experiment with a variety of sounds, and because he doesn’t believe in self-limitation when it comes to creative expression. With his unparalleled stage presence, backed by such an authentic storytelling approach, Veek has been on a steady rise to the top of the New Zealand hip-hop scene, and he still remains dedicated to capturing the whole world with his irresistible vibe!

His latest track, “These Days,” is really unique and equally accessible. It showcases a style of singing and songwriting that’s rare in today’s music industry, making it something to truly appreciate.

Veek is openly vulnerable in a dark, beautifully haunting, and emotional way, especially when you listen To this track as you watch the accompanying music video. You can experience how he is confronting his personal demons in a style blending rap and punk, giving it that rock thrill that works really well with the song’s narrative.

On the mic, Veek bares his soul, likely finding the process therapeutic as he grapples with personal challenges, expressing them through music.

The accompanying music video is a seamless fit for this track; the visuals powerfully complement the song, elevating its message.

A raw masterpiece that is addictive, highly energetic, and evocative, “These Days” is exactly the type of track you want in your playlist to play on repeat.

Follow the link below, make sure you subscribe to Veek Aesthetics’ YouTube channel, like the music video, and add the track to your library.

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