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Groove to the Lyrical and Rhythmic Intensity of Upcoming Band Vices Inc’s Soundscape in “Gravitation”

When Vices Inc, a Portland, Maine-based band, takes the stage, the audience knows they’re in for a good time. They have been on the music scene for a while, carrying their own creative streams that turn it excellently and luxuriously into new musical trends, with their edgy diversity. There is no doubt that the band swiftly swept away all positive attention and admiration from the audience with their excellent alternative melodies. Their out-of-the-box conception, combined with appealing dance vibes, produces an astounding impression of their untamed potential, enough to propel them to the top of all charts.

Their new track “Gravitation” delivers a new wave of musical proportions and a seamless integration of different genres in one continuous progression. The textual modules become a gripping thematic tale with the vocal talent and the ambience, “Gravitation” stands out in its powerful improvisations and inspirations that reflect in its entirety.

“Gravitation” is without a doubt one of the band’s most ear-catching songs that reveals and presents their musicality to the public as a manner of displaying their powerful musicality. “Gravitation” is meant to be thought-provoking, intensely gripping, raw, honest, and true — it is meant to challenge the mind while also soothing the soul! Join Vices Inc as they celebrate another big milestone in their career and enter an exciting new chapter of their tale with a single filled with alternative melodies and other creative aspects that will fascinate and charm listeners from beginning to end with its unusual & wonderful magic.


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