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Gifted Electric Bass Player and Songwriter Weiners Presents a Latin-Inspired Ballad Titled “Contigo”

Weiners Contigo

Fabio Weiners Gallozzi started playing the electric bass as early as 14 years of age and performed with local bands in Naples, his hometown in Italy. Later during the late 90s, he founded the Bassisti d’Italia group and later the Basspower website which brings together the greatest and most talented Italian bass players. Fabio has gone on to perform at famed venues and festivals including Castrocaro and at Saint-Vincent. His work has also been applauded by the celebrated American bassist John Patitucci who had only nice things to say about Weiners.

Weiners is now aiming to be an essential bassist at the service of the band as bass playing and composition has been a creative outlet for him. The tune, “Contigo” was born from what was a moment of inspiration deep into the lonely nights of July where he felt some gravitation toward specific melodies and slowly and utilizing craftsmanship, this is the ballad that came to be!

“Contingo” loosely translates to “with you” and this is one quality Latin-inspired and danceable ballad. The best thing about music is that it transcends language barriers and you get to listen and dance to this lovely tune with nothing but a full heart and an open smile. There is always a way that Spanish-inspired lyrics feel so crispy and the vocal performances here melt over the warm instruments like butter.

There is a way the male and female vocals bounce off one another and add a very intriguing and brilliant perspective that of course underscores the theme of love between a man and a woman. Capturing feelings of affection and fantasy, “Contigo” is a spectacular tune worthy of critical praise. The sonic features and deep-driving beats peppered throughout this record exemplify impeccable music design!

The music video is just as powerful as the song itself; shot in bright, expansive landscapes throughout the beautiful sceneries, it features very lively scenes with symbols of engrossing love.

To get a taste of this ballad; follow the attached link, subscribe to Weiners’ YouTube channel, like the release and comment on how you feel about this tuneful Latin-inspired jam!

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