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Rapidly rising sensation Wowashwow’s latest release, ‘Legendary,’ is a powerful and addictive testament to her artistic prowess.

Wowashwow (pronounced WOW ASH WOW) is taking the global stage and setting the music world ablaze with her rare, trademark gifts. She is royalty in her own right, a maverick who deserves recognition for her palpable charisma, magnetic stage presence, innate gifts, and vocal prowess. Her music defies categorization, embodying both eclectic and prolific qualities. She pulls from a variety of sounds and fits each of those sounds like a glove. She never forces the issue; every beat is a new adventure on which she takes the listener. If you can imagine it, Wowashwow can create it. She is the artist to watch in the next five years as she continues to take the music world by storm.

Right now, the moment belongs to Wowashwow and her latest dance bop, ‘Legendary,’ a raw masterpiece that showcases her confident braggadocio, knowledge, and versatility.

As someone who’s holding the music world in the palm of her hands, she really acts the part with this infectious and high-octane performance that will continue ringing in its listener’s head long after the final notes have disappeared.

Right from the get-go, the beat invites you to start moving with carefree abandon; the high-energy beat has been curated by the dazzling bassline, bouncing cadence, and high-end percussion backed by club dance and funk sensibilities.

On the mic, Wowashwow showcases such vocal prowess, hitting all the right notes with the simple yet meaningful lyrics that are self-empowering and inspirational.

Simply put, ‘Legendary’ possesses all the qualities of a party pleaser: high energy, infectiousness, and straightforward lyrics. This is a crowd-pleaser by any measure of the word.

The track also has an epic music video that is expected to drop any time from now on. It’s a must-see, thanks to the first-class cinematography unleashed. You can catch a video glimpse on her various Instagram posts.

Streaming on all major platforms, ‘Legendary’ is the type of jam that enhances any playlist it joins.


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