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Compton rapper Yah-L is set to take West Coast hip hop to new heights with the release of his new banger; “Section”

The hip-hop community as a whole has been put on high alert for an impending tsunami led by California’s favorite rap artist Yah-L, who is coming to take what is rightfully his. Bringing some provocative rhymes and masterful flows to the floor of the rap table, backed by his cleverness, charm, and stellar stage presence, he has been able to attract a shockwave of intrigue from both the local and regional hip-hop community. Once your ears have been trampled by his street-glamorous and complicated rhyme patterns and then uplifted by his witty charm, perhaps then you will understand why this multitalented, seemingly unstoppable lyricist is on a meteoric rise to the top of West Coast hip-hop.

His price went all the way up following the fiery classic freestyle verse he laid, coming on as a guest feature on Willie the Sensei’s “Scandalous,” which earned him up-and-coming notice among the West Coast scene.

Building on the bulging wave of momentum he has created, Yah-L is set to drop a new banger dubbed, “Section” that will define the true diameters of original hip hop.  This banger is set to showcase Yah-L’s trill of words, tonality, and command, and from what I’ve gathered, this is the ultimate chill and cruise banger for the summertime!

This is the kind of masterpiece to bob your head to as you crank up the volume and bass to its maximum and cruise the streets with car windows down- the heavy production booming from within the car speakers!

Yah-L’s unmatched ability to paint life vividly and express his emotion, thoughts, and perception is what separates him from wannabe rappers, as he has gone on to cultivate a masterful style of music, honing his skills at every turn to take his name to the highest possible level!

“Section” is going to demand global hip-hop’s attention and will serve to further elevate Yah-L to international stardom, where he belongs!

Follow Yah-L everywhere so as to stay in the loop, and don’t let him off your radar even for a second.

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