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UK-based electronic dance music producer YEMI’s latest single, “Running Away,” is simply music design done right!

Electronic dance music producer, artist, and DJ YEMI is based in Manchester, United Kingdom. His music draws inspiration from a wide range of sources, always resulting in the greatest amount of euphoria on the dance floor while he is performing. He has gone on to perform around the country and Europe, cutting across places like Berlin, Amsterdam, Oslo, Stockholm, Ayia Napa, and many more, always delivering unforgettable nights of great music and good vibes. He is an immensely prolific and diverse producer who has beenthe limits of his own imagination in order to create music that is unique, accessible, and has broad appeal. With his monstrous solo output and massive collaborations, he has been able to reach millions of plays across major streaming platforms.

His latest jam, “Running Away” is one of those tracks that developed its own wings and flew. I mean, the song has really blown and is no less than it deserves. This is a raw masterpiece of transcending house music, with warm, soulfully entrancing, and mellifluous female vocal harmonies that make it difficult to resist.

With such punctilious attention to detail, each element in this track works in perfect harmony with one another to create an uplifting and energetic soundscape where listeners can get fully immersed and lost in the music as they dance the night away with carefree abandon.

And I also love the stunning innovation around the track. Instead of merely sticking to standard cookie-cutter house arrangements, YEMI chooses to veer into unexplored territories, tapping ingeniously into that deep driving sound driven from the core Amapiano soundscape and seamlessly blending the two styles for one rich and incredibly satisfying soundtrack that is best enjoyed at maximum volume.

The stunning vocal harmonies add to the song’s texture and depth and breathe life into the track’s theme and narrative about walking away from a relationship that is no longer working for you. It might be a relationship that is emotionally draining, toxic, and one where you really are not compatible with one another. Whichever the case, you feel unhappy and need to walk away…or as YEMI puts it, run away!

This song is growing into one of those hit bangers and has actually won YEMI widespread acclaim from far and wide. For example, this is the song that was used for the final walkout at Naomi Campbell’s NYC Fashion Week, which is such a feat for someone like YEMI who obviously loves doing what he does. So to see his work appreciated overseas means the world to him!

The song has made its way into editorials and new playlists on popular channels such as Spotify. And so far, it has actually amassed over 55K Spotify streams and counting!

Like I said before, “Running Away” is a music design done right and such an easy recommendation to anyone who loves music of the highest standards. This is what it means to make music with passion and purpose. This is the representation of an artist and producer at the summit of his creative expression, with a promise of more exciting music on the way!

To relish this impeccable work of art, follow the link below and add the song to your playlist. Don’t forget to share it with family, friends, and strangers as well.

YEMI’s flair, originality, and energizing stage presence have brought him critical acclaim as he continues shaping the house music landscape with his refreshing innovations. Long may it continue!

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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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