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Internationally Acclaimed Afrobeats Sensation Yung Wylin Continues Spreading “Good Energy” with the Incredible Remix Featuring Global Stars Farruko and Maffio – a significant achievement in the artist’s career.

There is no denying that this year has belonged to Yung Wylin and his new anthem “Good Energy” that has been on heavy rotation everywhere. Recently, he celebrated a significant milestone, clinching #18 on the Billboard Afrobeats Charts, a feat that was coming seeing how the track has earned critical widespread acclaim from both fans and celebrities. And what is even more intriguing about a jam like this is the positive theme of unity and love that is packaged nicely over catchy, upbeat Afrobeats, inspiring you to dance joyfully as you sing along to the easily quotable lyrics.

This masterpiece stole the attention of celebrated Latin Grammy-winning rapper and singer Farruko and iconic producer and composer Maffio, and that is how “Good Energy Remix” was born.

It takes just about 30 seconds to get this track stuck in your head as you dance ecstatically to the beat. The chorus alone is enough to make this jam one of the best of 2023, a status it has truly achieved.

Adding to the track’s depth and elegance, Farruko infuses the tune with that Latin singing, heightening the jam’s impact tenfold and underscoring its global appeal.

The choral vocal harmonies leave listeners wishing the track had no end, and just how Wylin glides over the rhythm, with Afrobeats signature rhythms and melody gurgling underneath is nothing short of immaculate. No matter how many times one listens to this track, it remains irresistibly engaging.

This remix represents a vibrant clash of cultures, highlighting the track’s universal theme. It is little wonder why the official music video already has over 3 million YouTube views and over 670K Spotify streams and counting…

This remix has amplified the impact of this jam that is now a fan favorite in America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and beyond.

Everybody wants some of that good energy and high frequency…and well, you can’t blame them; this jam is just too good not to be intrigued by!

To add this captivating remix to your own playlist, follow the link below and play it loud on repeat!

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