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Yung Wylin unveils another stunning music video for the globally acclaimed positive anthem, “Good Energy.”

A global Afrobeat phenomenon that has transcended the music itself, Yung Wylin’s “Good Energy” has impacted well beyond the Miami borders, becoming an international anthem celebrated by fans, critics, and cultural heavyweights like Snoop Dogg and Halle Bailey. This showcases an artist unlimited in his self-expression, someone willing to stretch the limits of imagination to deliver something thought-provoking and emotionally resonant…hail the King, Yung Wylin!

Upon first listen, I immediately added this jam to my library, and I remember the exact vibes that I felt that very first time—vibes that have only grown with each play, making every listen more special than the last. It’s already a global sensation!

With the growing numbers (currently boasting over 3.756 million Spotify streams and over one million for the first official music video), Yung Wylin has released another epic music video to reinforce the song’s meaningful message over the exciting afrobeat foundation.

This new music video has a tropical vibe. It is a high-quality, eye-catching visual stunner that perfectly matches the song’s essence and narrative, elevating it to new heights.

The video is amassing massive numbers, with die-hard fans and new viewers praising such an artistic invention—a music video as powerful as the song itself, living up to the much-anticipated release teasers.

This is precisely what the music industry needs: intentional, purposeful, conscious music that instills optimism and hope as you lose yourself to captivating beats and melodies.

This track speaks to everyone on a spiritual level and resonates with good energy and high frequency. I am confident that the new music video will meet and perhaps even surpass the achievements of the first. Let’s support Yung Wylin by following the link below, subscribing to his YouTube channel, liking, and sharing with everyone!

For more information, check out his website,


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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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