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A Bona Fide Lyricist Delivering Heartfelt Mood-Evoking Quality Born of Pain and Hurt; Zad Vibez Delivers a Hit Song “Shamed by Hate” That Was Inspired by a True Story

Zad Vibes Shamed by Hate

Steve Goldson who goes by the stage name Zad Vibez is an American Jamaican artist who represents the city of Lithonia, Georgia. He has such diverse tastes in music and it is no surprise that Zad has developed musical and vocal sounds which expand far beyond the standard labels that anyone genre can define. He does not attach himself to any one type of musical genre because of his versatility and experimentations with different genres. As a songwriter, he is bent on creating lyrics that are highly relatable and truly moving to his listeners and he is known for the passionate manner in which he fleshes flawless melodies that create memorable heartfelt rhythms with quotable lyrics. Music-passionate listeners will find him to be original. Whenever he takes center stage there is no limit to his flair. “Shamed by Hate” was inspired by a lot of hate and defamation that Zad Vibez was being subjected to by haters and fake people who had surrounded him suffocating him to the brim.


Spacious and somewhat atmospheric beats give way to heavy and slapping energized bass creating a lively and upbeat track that has undeniable danceability. Taking his place on the brooding instrumentation Zad Vibez comes off massively intoxicated and rapping the entire hook, his voice projecting and emoting the hurtful lyrics being displayed. “Pulling the wisely chains I can never get it why they always come for me yeah I can’t forget it ugh, yeah the negativity not I ain’t with it ugh why they try to shame on me I was really living ugh…” are delivered in a polished manner each time coming harder with his voice oozing charisma, raw emotions, and talent and deserved acclaim.

The way he flawlessly glides over his respective melancholic verses showcases his unique ability to create a melody of this tune. Zad Vibez manages to build a bleakly immersive soundscape in the whole of “Shamed by Hate” ushering listeners into a meticulously crafted and emotionally resonant sonic space with darkly warm harmonic structures and a thought-evocative rhythmic drive.

The dramatic turn at 1:53 with the slowly driven harmonic percussion before taking a mesmerizing deep dive surmises the melodic maturity of this track and each instrumental tone feels intentionally selected to elicit a sense of apprehension and they were particularly blended well into a sonic texture that fully embraces the listener in its layers and draws them further into the experience. The catchy and repeated chorus gives this song its impactful context and the artistically and well-rounded and intriguing lyricism on display demands repeat listens to unpack. No one brings out those raw emotions as Zad does and it’d be wise to follow him on all his socials, stream this track and his other refreshing songs from his repertoire of productions and you’ll not regret the experience. He also has something cooking titled “Cupid’s Revenge” which will be an EP set to be dropped on Valentine’s Day. I swear you are not ready for him!

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