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Zenon Kesik’s concept album “Lucky Man,” hailing from California, is truly inspiring and enchanting.

Zenon Kesik is a legend in every essence of that name; an artist who started making music back in the 80’s, but since the technology wasn’t as advanced as it is now, much of his work was only accessible in physical copies without as much of a digital imprint. Cool Room Entertainment intends to change that by compiling his music into concept albums backed by first-class music videos that complement the tracks perfectly. This is how “Lucky Man – a video album” was created, featuring catchy, timeless tracks, complemented by high-end music videos.

The opening single “Spring Break” features a delightfully charming production where Zenon’s strikingly powerful voice comes alive as he wears his heart on his sleeve to create deep resonance with the listener thanks to how well the lyrics have been phrased and the equally stunning music video flanking it.

The music video portrays two students, one male and one female, enjoying their spring breaks in contrasting circumstances. Things do not go particularly well for the male student who finds himself on the wrong side of the law, and for the female student, everything is crisp and smooth inside her van as she camps in the company of her dog.

“Don’t Ever Push That Button” draws inspiration from the events in Ukraine and the atrocities committed during the conflict. With a colorful and edgy melody that is rock-fueled and Zenon’s self-assured vocals, this track serves to remind us of the truth that so many of us are afraid of speaking—that there is no winning in war, only losing. The accompanying music video fits in perfectly with the track’s essence and narrative…kudos to the well-done job of capturing such scenes and the deeply meaningful message this song carries.

“Perfection” is catchy and hypnotic with an incredible concept video that features a couple watching a television show of another couple, with everything seeming to be so perfect in the relationship until it’s not. The song serves as a reminder that no relationship is perfect; the presence of fights, disagreements, and harsh realities are part of what defines a relationship.

“Party Time” is a cheerful banger that has been delivered with a tinge of melancholy, with lyrics exploring the somewhat sad state of a man who is coming to terms with the end of a relationship and can’t help but remember all the good times they shared with his ex-lover, trying to recreate these memories all alone but can’t help but feel haunted by the shared memories. This track invites you to dance with abandon as if no one’s watching.

The title track is another raw masterpiece that is emotional, with a beautifully haunting soundscape and Zenon’s grizzly voice pirouetting over the melody, exuding an irresistible allure. This song is about a soldier who deeply loves serving his country as much as his beautiful family and can’t help but feel caught up in the conundrum of choosing his family or his country. Zenon’s authoritative voice, imbued with raw emotion, provokes thought and imagery through his vivid lyrics.

In its entirety, this concept album is the celebration of a musical icon whose music was not celebrated as it ought to, but now in this digital age, there is a chance for the music to be heard more, and that’s exactly what is happening.

To enjoy this timeless, catchy, and empowering body of work, follow the attached link, make sure you subscribe to the Cool Room Entertainment channel, watch all these concept videos, like them, leave a comment below each one of them, and share the music with others as well.

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