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Las Vegas-based legendary hit maker Zoe Ridah has got that fire in him in “Burning Inside”

Zoe Ridah - Burning Inside

He’s got expensive tastes; – he moves different! He’s the owner of “Royal Hit Records” record label that he started himself; – he flosses different! Royalty in his own right; hip-hop artist and producer Zoe Ridah, who was born in South Florida but decided to settle in Las Vegas to build and grow his brand, deserves his flowers for his ingenious role in the hip-hop music industry. With a career spanning over a decade, he has mastered the art of creating hits that are reflected in his extensive discography.

Unapologetically real, Zoe Ridah pulls back the curtain on his life, offering a vivid portrayal of his experiences through raw and introspective storytelling. His verses are unfiltered snapshots of reality, daring listeners to venture into his world and experience the heat for themselves.

Feel the flames roar to life with “Burning Inside,” a scorching opus that showcases Zoe Ridah’s masterful touch as a producer and performer. The track’s blazing beats and razor-sharp soundscapes form the perfect backdrop for his incendiary rhymes, creating a sonic inferno that will leave listeners breathless.

No stranger to pushing boundaries, Zoe Ridah went all the way to London, UK to film the music video for “Burning Inside.” The stunning visuals offer a captivating glimpse into his world, and you can experience it for yourself.

On the performance front, Zoe Ridah rides and dances over the sound eloquently like a professional mixed martial artist with some thought-provoking rhymes and flows, displaying his limitless versatility both as a songwriter and performer.

“Burning Inside” is a must-have record that has been excellently produced and marvelously performed by someone who knows his way around words and genuinely presents his life through music.

Zoe Ridah is now working towards the release of his new albums, which he promises will change the dynamics of the rap game…it’s a good thing we will be here to witness that!

Meanwhile, you can follow the attached link to stream “Burning Inside” and find a spot for it under your music library.

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