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Multitalented music producer and songwriter Zoey Tess returns with a sensationally uplifting and inspiring tour de force, “In These Dreams”

With an established reputation for creating catchy and timeless music, music composer Zoey Tess returns with another soul-stirring performance dubbed “In These Dreams,” emotively capturing the essence of following your heart and dreaming again. The lyrics are powerful and have been complemented by the gentle appeal of a piano, violin, drum, and electric guitar-laden melody that is hauntingly beautiful.

The intro features the smoothness of the thoughtfully played piano as the striking violin adds color and depth, providing a delightful backdrop for the emotive female vocals that are sweet-sounding, soft, yet powerful.

The powerful lyrics capture the sadness associated with trying to reach for something that feels unattainable, the fear of failing, but with an inspirational tone that maybe that’s how it was meant to be in order for you to start over again, this time following your heart and taking the chance, backed by the most hopeful feeling in the world…what if? Just what if?

As the song progresses, the precise drums and electric guitar are eased in, contributing to the lively feel of this rhythmic jam.

The depth of lyricism, attractively complemented by the dexterous execution of this beautiful song, is why it has already attracted close to 20K Spotify streams in such a short period of time; a milestone that Zoey Tess couldn’t be prouder of, as she feels happy and emotional seeing her heartfelt efforts being rewarded like this.

Writing and co-producing this jam has been one of the most fulfilling feelings of Zoey’s career, and to see her efforts appreciated in this manner is what pushes her and keeps her going.

Join other music fanatics in appreciating this uplifting and inspiring body of work by following the attached link, streaming, and adding the jam to your own playlist. If you don’t mind, consider recommending it to others, just like I have done here.

For more information concerning Zoey Tess, check out her website


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