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Baton Rouge’s Finest Hip-Hop Artist, D-Lain, Has Released a Visually Striking Music Video for His Highly Acclaimed Single, “Zone Out,” Featuring Symone.

Pushing his own limits, stretching the limitations of his own imagination, and pushing the boundaries of what’s considered possible and normal for others, Baton Rouge emcee D-Lain defies the ordinary in every imaginable way. He is not merely a rapper but an artist in the truest sense of the word. He is an established musician, setting the standards for others to emulate, and it has not taken long for the rest of the hip-hop world to take notice. There is only one way for D-Lain; and that’s all the way up!

The year 2023 was a defining one for D-Lain. He released his 7-track EP, “Zoned Out” to popular acclaim, elevating himself into international space. The track “Zone Out” off of this EP particularly stood out for many listeners and grew into a fan favorite. As we are talking, it has gone on to amass over 40K Spotify streams and counting.

Seeing the positive buzz this jam generated, it was only right that we get an equally powerful music video, and that is how D-Lain and his team delved deep into the world of visual artistry and created something eye-catching and of the highest standards.

This video is like a mini-film by itself. The way we are moved from one reality to a completely different one and smoothly at that defines virtuosic videography. The video starts with D-Lain, Symone, and co-actors in a Mercedes van, and once it starts moving, so does reality, seamlessly metamorphosing into this sci-fi world that feels thrilling to be part of.

The nostalgic warmth of the beat, the intellectual firepower D-Lain unleashes on the mic, and the memorable chorus delivered by Symone interweave with the unfolding visual scenes for an experience that captivates way beyond the five senses.

Kudos to the time and effort that went into making this visual blockbuster. This is the ideal complement to a track of this caliber and deserves to go viral.

I recommend dedicating some time to watch this striking filmography and share it with your friends.


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