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33 Black’s debut album “Out of the Clouds,” is really what happens when two seasoned, diversely gifted artists get together!

Magic has a new name in 33 Blacks’ debut album, “Out of the Clouds,” as this spectacular duo goes on to knock it out of the park with immeasurable performances that really highlight a duo with unbridled passion that will be the fuel to drive them into stardom. Initially meeting in high school where an instantaneous connection was formed, Travis Rigsbee and Jed Sprague shared a few common interests, but music surpassed all the others, which is what led to the formation of 33 Black back in college before life took different turns for each, which led to the separation of the duo and the near death of 33 Black. But all that is behind us now as the duo is back together, blending their musical tastes and doing what they love doing most.

A 16-track masterpiece, you’d be amazed at how effective this entire album is—there are plenty of favorites as the duo goes above and beyond to make sure you have a seemingly hard decision on which tracks you like most from the entire collection…of course, it doesn’t hurt to have all of them as favorites…and with music this good, it’s not even a choice anyway, you need this type of music to last longer in life!

The guitar virtuosity on display here is simply splendid, and the songwriting is just awe-inspiring. This is a musical journey that feels more like an event as opposed to just songs—you experience this album as much as you listen to the tunes.

I feel like this groundbreaking release is the best gift they could give to both themselves and their loyal fans, who have been with them all steps of the way. They deserved something that reminded them their efforts count, and what better way than with such a spectacular album of this stature?

For all the lovers of all types of rock—pop-rock, alternative, blues rock, and even country music—”Out of the Clouds” is the ear candy for you as you are taken straight into a musical paradise brimming with unheard of compositions delivered with every ounce of passion the duo could master to make this a memorable performance.

33 Black is everything right in the music industry today—just try them and you will never regret it…and if you do, please look for me; I’ll definitely compensate you for your seeming loss!

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