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Nashville-based independent superstar 4100icy delivers a new hypnotic banger dubbed, “#SlimeSlide” (feat. WYBlee)

A musical model who is setting the standards for others to emulate, Nashville-based independent recording artist 4100icy really has been showcasing the strength and versatility that such a name deserves by expressing himself lyrically with the most provocative of rhymes over street-glamorous productions. Influenced by the streets and culture around him, 4100icy grew up spitting fire on the mic. Inspired by some of the best masters of the game, 4100icy has been using that influence to perfect his art in order to achieve his desired goals while still retaining the original authenticity of his own craft and sound.

His unequalled stage presence, the tightest of rhymes and charm, and a growing fan base have inspired him to take his music to the next level. For instance, he currently has over 44K Spotify monthly listeners with over 10 million streams across all streaming platforms.

He has a new hypnotic banger, “#SlimeSlide” out on all streaming platforms, a track that has been generating buzz hugely due to its marvelous sophistication; this is one of those tunes that is less heard and more experienced—this is an experience in itself!

4100icy’s lyrical panache and content here are not designed for the faint of heart but will leave you speechless all the same. His effortless delivery of complicated rhyme patterns, littered with cleverness and punchlines is the highlight of someone on top of their game at the moment!

And those beats, man; – they are so unique, not what you’d expect of a typical drill sound. Listening through, I couldn’t help but draw some comparisons between “SlimeSlide” and Lil Uzi Vert’s “Just Wanna Rock.” The way he just combines two different vibes into one is production virtuosity at its finest!

I just can’t shake the feeling I got from this rocker off, and this just goes on to highlight the time and effort that went into making this bona fide standout masterpiece—this is an indisputable banger and an undeniable chart-topper!

To get an exclusive listen to this transcending banger; follow the attached link and let it calibrate your favorite playlist!

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