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Florida’s youngest hip-hop shark, 50jittsteppa’s “Cupid” is the mark of a prodigy ready for superstardom!


While you have been leisurely scrolling through Instagram looking for the latest Kardashian picture to like, up-and-coming rap artist 50jittsteppa had other uses for it. And don’t get me wrong, I ain’t judging; it’s really not my style. If it makes you feel better, I too have been on a certain Kardashian’s case ever since Drake dropped his track “Search & Rescue”. But that’s beside the point, and I digress. My whole point was dedicated to showcasing the impact of social media on today’s artists, and the rapidly rising entertainer 50jittsteppa is a worthy example and our best-case scenario because, jeez, this boy’s been flying with the eagles!

Building off the bulging wave of momentum his freestyles posted on popular social media platforms such as Instagram have generated, this up-and-comer has been slowly building a discography worthy of critical praise!

What he does on “Cupid” cannot be replicated; this masterpiece is no different from what I hear on the radio, but it feels more genuine and authentic, and it has the signature stamp of a veteran in the making.

He is cool, calm, and collected. It’s like he’s been doing this for years. His golden voice is wondrous and exactly what the hip hop industry needs right now, and his performance, well, this performance right here is like therapy for the rap community.

And his unmatched energy is undeniably captivating. The way he is innovative over beats and keeps a listener engaged with his irresistible cadence, smooth deliverability, catchy hooks, and witty charm…you just can’t hate on him unless you’ve got some serious issues going on in your head!

And with each repeat listening experience, the sound just gets better and better—the mark of a timeless masterpiece right there.

And I love what they did with that music video; the eye-catching tennis court scenes, the beach, and the balcony views are just perfection and grab the viewer’s attention all through. It is little surprise that in just under 2 weeks, the tune already has over 61K views.

In fact, I’ve got an idea. Let’s run it up to a million views because it is deserved; follow the attached link and invite everybody who’s got a great taste in music because “Cupid” embodies greatness!

Follow 50jittsteppa on Instagram to indulge him!

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