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A.Melendez Passionately Delivers a Fascinating Latin-Infused Hot Single “Dale Dale”

A.Melendez Dale Dale

Alexander Melendez professionally known by his stage name A.Melendez is a reggaeton artist from Barceloneta, Puerto Rico currently living in Orlando Florida where he started his music career as an independent artist. He is passionate about music and literally lives through music – his multi-genre music comprises Latino influences, the nostalgic Caribbean reggaeton sound, the dancehall rhythms, and reggae infusions.

Taking on a more serious approach to creating enthralling music, Melendez is determined to share his cultural and ethnic roots through his music. Having been influenced by American cultural sounds such as hip-hop and EDM and he has also tried to experiment by adding some flavorful touches of some of these sounds to fashion the genre-bending infused productions. Melendez is at the height of his career and it will be interesting to see the heights he will scale musically with his true potential at its peak!

His new track “Dale Dale” is a tribute song to the old reggaeton sound that we grew up accustomed to and it has been painted with some modern age features to complete it off as stylish reggaeton music reimagined! This track contains many strong elements and the sense of irrepressible energy it has is particularly strong.

Latin music is easily one of the most danceable styles of music there is and it has this indisputable potential to make listeners want to move animatedly and “Dale Dale” is no exception. Within the first few seconds, the melody is already inviting you in with open rhythmicity born of the danceable qualities of the elements in its instrumentations.

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The zestful quality of the track is made possible by the wondrously engaging performances that paint the track from head to toe. From the toppingly striking percussive elements that underlay the track to the fantastic guitar loops, the sub-bass, synth drops, snares, and sweeps that flourish with authority and the tremendously expressive playing courtesy of the 808’s and the outstandingly realized vocal performances in those delicious Latin lyrics make this a terrifically lively reggaeton feel!

“Dale Dale” is now available on all the major streaming platforms and has amassed over 2 K streams on Spotify in a very short period. Follow the attached link and drown yourself with its overflowing breeze!

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