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Independent artist Alan Donnelly’s debut EP, “Session One” showcases this emerging musician’s huge potential while laying the foundation for more exciting releases.

Alan Donnelly started playing the guitar at age 15, and before long, he was honing his skills and cadence by playing in local bands. Following an experience-gaining stint with the bands, brands started noticing him and working with him to promote their products. He also scored for films and video games, and after the pandemic hit, businesses plunged, and that’s when he decided to embark on his first-ever solo project. Dubbing it “Session One”, this EP is so much more than just music; it represents his untold stories, weaving narratives from his childhood to adulthood and the personal trials he has undergone. Even then, he doesn’t take himself too seriously, which makes the experience much more enjoyable.

This EP has gone on to receive widespread critical acclaim. The stream numbers it has amassed are impressive for a debut project. And he will certainly captivate you—he approaches these tracks with a pinch of salt and doesn’t take his lyrics too seriously, yet you feel every single word he performs. You connect with the emotions personally and deeply, even in his guitar picking, and feel the raw emotions in his voice. This is what makes this EP truly special.

These songs are alive and breathing, and each track offers a little bit of a different viewpoint to soak in. And this is a really fun and addicting form of rock music because it does not stick to standard cookie-cutter rock arrangements or songwriting styles. This release bears some soul and definitely touches on some personal attributes that are probably hard to speak out loud, so Alan transforms them into songs to express himself… enjoy!

“Mirror Mirror” really left a mark on me. It is one of the most streamed songs from the EP, and for good reason. The emotions here are just uncontainable, and the execution leaves nothing to be desired. I love the funky, reggae-like sensibilities the tune exudes—they really add to the song’s captivating demeanor. Alan’s vocals are a seamless fit with the soul-touching instrumentation. The dexterous execution of the music attractively complements the depth of lyricism. And it is also very addicting—the kind that stays with you long after the final notes have disappeared.

“Rain” is another special jam from this EP. The guitar intro is charming and blissful, backed by Alan’s emotion-drenched vocals. There is something about this jam that really lets you soak in it. He lets you escape into his world with his soul-stirring performance, and as the song progresses, it takes the listener on a journey, building up intensity with each passing minute.

“When You’re Gone” is one of the most personal and emotional songs from the EP. Alan really bleeds on the mic in a melancholic way, capturing the song’s essence with his powerful voice and touching a listener in the most sentimental ways. You can tell he wrote this tune from a place of honesty, vulnerability, and strength for it to come out like it does.

“The Flood” is brimming with virtuosic guitar picking and outstanding showmanship. Alan showcases varied guitar techniques over the imposing production, with the interplay between the instruments adding depth and complexity to the composition, making it a truly immersive experience. It is such a great, immaculate performance that keeps the listener engaged throughout!

There you go, folks. “Session One” is a debut masterpiece worth every second and a promise of what to expect when Alan Donnelly drops his new album, “The Shadows” that is still in the works.

Follow him everywhere to be part of this journey, and tell your friends about him. It now feels like the right time for him to showcase what he knows he is capable of, and we are all in for it!


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