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Eclectic roots musician Alias Wayne serenades us with a beautiful, nature-inspired song, “Name of Love”

Ranzel X Kendrick, who goes by the professional moniker Alias Wayne, which is also his alter ego prides himself on his versatility and authenticity. His omnivorous musical approach that allows him to incorporate various American music styles, including roots rock, blues, and jazz, resulting in a distinctive roots-oriented sound, has arguably made him one of the most promising talents to keep an eye on. His impressive music has been met with universal acclaim, with many critics hailing his genre experimentation, expansive scope in songwriting, and eclectic references that underscore the music’s far-reaching appeal.

“Name of Love” is his latest release, the B-side off of his 2-sided single that also features the track “This.”

“Name of Love” is a heady marriage of guitar and bass-driven blues, rock, and jazz elements with nature-inspired sounds and scenes that are reflective of what the song is all about; – appreciating the role of nature in our lives!

Right from the opening notes, Alias Wayne comes off poetic, immediately capturing the expanse of sky and nature with his easily quotable lyrics and vividly painting the beautifully scenic sky that stretches before us, inundating not only our eye sight but also our hearts, body, mind, and soul with inexpressible warmth, joy, and happiness.

The drums, percussion, and backing female vocal harmonies add to the beauty, color, and depth of the song as Alias Wayne hails the existence of nature, reveling in its bloomy beauty, vivid hues, and golden sunlight while echoing the spirit of adventure.

“Name of Love” is more than just an enchanting song; it’s an invitation to embrace nature with its profound wonders that make life worth living.

This tune is a mesmerizing reflection of Alias Wayne songwriting prowess that stretches far and wide, just as the sky, capturing the essence of the worldly and otherworldly.

A must-have in your playlist, do the necessary by following the attached link and if you don’t mind, share the track with others as well.


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