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Los Angeles hip-hop whiz All Hail CHANSO’s hit record “Autonomous Drive” is garnering positive buzz on the international music scene.

All Hail CHANSO is anything but ordinary—a rapper, artist, and innovator dedicated to stretching the limits of music as well as his own imagination. When we talk about his craft, it’s a culturally refined and future-guaranteed timeless sound that is evolving as the world does but still recognizes the foundation it was built on. He admits that artists have to leverage more of the cutting-edge technology at their disposal in order to keep up. It’s a no-brainer that technology is here to stay, and the competition isn’t getting any less intense. To stay in your field, you need more than just talent…not to say he is lacking in the latter; he’s a lyrical genius who has showcased an innate ingenuity to spin words so effortlessly and come out with intellectual firepower over any beat.

The track “Autonomous Drive” has been quite the hit banger that has blown, garnering positive buzz and acclaim from fans and critics. Once you actually listen to the jam, it dawns on you why this is the case.

There has been some advanced technology in many sectors of various industries, and one sector that has not been left behind is the automobile, which has seen the invention of these self-driving or autonomous cars that are capable of operating with reduced or no human input.

Now, what All Hail CHANSO did with “Autonomous Drive” is draw a comparison between this autonomous world and the exotic Los Angeles party scene and how the dancers are operating like robots and can go to the extent of riding it without hands. Crazy, right? The beats slap like hell, and the verses flow like water as he seamlessly moves from one verse to the next, showcasing such a command of his craft.

The jam is already doing well, but it could do even better with your input. Check it out and let us know how you feel about All Hail CHANSO’s talents on the mic as well as his imaginative thinking to create something as thought-provoking and memorable as this!


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