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LA-based South Korean rapper and artist AltoDZI’s new release, “Wide Awake,” serves as a showcase of his multifaceted artistry, hinting at exciting future releases.

AltoDZI is no stranger to the music scene; he previously went by the moniker alto before changing it up this year. And just like his name suggests, he has been trying out different styles and sounds, sometimes meshing things up to create a certain dynamic appeal that has been positively received based on the impressive numbers he generated last year. I see him as an emerging talent on the brink of major success, as he has shown significant promise. Consistency will be key to his continued ascent.

The year has started on a high note for AltoDZI following the release of his new jam, “Wide Awake”- a uniquely captivating and experimental jam that features the heartache of emo, the zeal of hip-hop, and the stylistic caliber of R&B.

The piano immediately makes an impression as it wraps around a listener. AltoDZI’s background vocals are vocalizing as he prepares a listener for that unforgettable chorus that sets the tone. As his vocals become audible, so does the dense hip-hop-draped beat.

His R&B-styled vocals hook the listener, capturing the essence of the melancholic theme with that memorable hook that he repeats three times before showcasing his rap finesse with the second verse, pouring some heartfelt lyrics that further shed light on what the jam is all about.

The track culminates with the catchy chorus, now firmly ingrained in the listener’s mind, compelling them to join in and sing along. This is how you know you’ve just been served with an anthem!

I love the piano and how it spreads delightful melodies all around as the futuristic beat encapsulates that hip-hop vibe, making for a track that is best enjoyed at maximum volume.

I honestly cannot wait to see which direction he takes next. My intrigue has been aroused. The only thing I implore is that AltoDZI find a way to do this on a regular basis. You never know; he could be the next K-pop star to rise to global stardom, and I don’t think that would be a bad thing at all, would it?


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