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Budding hip-hop artist Amagiri Young’s album, “Rhythm and Vibration (Deluxe Edition),” is a celebration of hip-hop culture!

Up-and-coming independent hip-hop artist Amagiri Young has been breaking rap music barriers and putting Long Island, NY, on the hip-hop music map. His powerful voice and jaw-dropping stage presence showcase his innate talents as a notable lyricist who isn’t afraid of pushing the limits of his creative expression in order to create hip-hop, rap, and even R&B music guaranteed to stand the test of time. He takes cues from everyday life by expressing relatable thoughts and emotions guaranteed to linger in listeners’ eardrums for a very long time.

His high-energy and magnetic performances have left critics and fans craving more of his craft as he goes to stamp his indelible imprint on the global scene and prove that even without the backing of a major record label, he still has what it takes to succeed!

The deluxe edition of his sophomore album “Rhythm and Vibration” features 19 tracks and offers 1 hour of epic listening experience as Young delves deep into the storytelling to ensure that he evokes a range of emotions from within the listener, borrowing from his own triumphs and adversities in life.

And though some of these circumstances don’t exactly mirror the hardscrabble situations listeners commonly associate with rap, they reflect real life. Today, fans and critics are wise enough to know that a person can seemingly have everything and still have tremendous hurdles to overcome. This album also infuses these emotions, contributing to a gritty narrative without overshadowing the central themes.

The album also features memorable cameos from guest performers Benny The Butcher, Slim400, and Nu Broadway.

A track like “How Can I Let It Go” feels racy and is backed by explicit rhymes over the sick beat. This track has such a vibe and is quite unforgettable thanks to the captivating hooks at its core and the unique lyrical content over the slick beats.

“Money Sex Murder” is one of the album’s most direct and hard-hitting tracks, its heavy and attention-grabbing chorus leaving a lingering impact. Set to a street-glamorous production, Young breathes life into his gritty and punchline-heavy bars, backed by that hell of a chorus that he unleashes with such menacing rage and brutal determination. He applies a bare-knuckle lyrical tactic that is ideal for this track.

“Relations” is another bona fide standout that really highlights Young’s limitless creativity and versatility both as a songwriter and performer. Set to a nostalgic chill beat, Young injects the tune with his rapping voice, giving it a dynamic R&B vibe that is quite fascinating and adds to the elegance, flair, and depth of the masterpiece. His performance is also emotional and feels like it was inspired by the complexities of love.

“Hustlers,” featuring guest emcee Benny The Butcher is another epic anthem custom-made for all the street hustlers, smokers, and real ones since day one. The track features such a signature trap-inspired production that features the signature hi-hats, atmospheric synths, low-end 808s, earth-shaking bass, and pounding drums as the two gents transform it into a street anthem with effortless ease!

“Rhythm and Vibration (Deluxe Edition)” is a must-have for any hip-hop, rap, or R&B lover… Amagiri Young wants you to listen and actually acknowledge how great it is as a full-length project that is more than guaranteed to elevate him into international acclaim!

To find out which bangers you dig more from the collection, follow the attached link and start listening!

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