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Experience the Mark of a Truly Astonishing Musical Composition as AMARIIA Premiers the Official Lyric Video for the Single “Satellite”

AMARIIA Satellite

The fusion of magic, mysticism, phenomenon, and candidly mysterious music, taking on the universe with the essence of metaphysical diversity and taking on an expressive musical expedition through life, nature, love and mystery, AMARIIA are not your ordinary musical collaborative, they are a rare gene making music imbued with visceral longing and pampered pleasure so that each time you listen to the melody, you are immediately whisked away into yet another musical space. The band which was formed in 2019 by singer and songwriter Maria Arkhipova from Kyiv, Ukraine make splendid waves across the varying genres of melodic pop music to the energetic and heavy metal and rock. Tastefully applied, Maria’s lyricism conjures up images and fantasies born of mood-evoking emotional messages that touch on important topics concerning the whole of humanity. And now taking center stage with the heavens as her witness, a small sparkle in the night, an emerald of glowing light and a bright odyssey, revealing how small we are in the galaxy, with our need for friendship and love, solidarity and support, this is the official lyric video for satellite for all viewers and lovers of dynamic music to enjoy.

Taking the power by its own hands the rock percussion is introduced by the heavy keyboard touch, the meticulous drums, and the grounded electric and bass guitars that build up the riffs which command attention. Through the lyrics accompanying lyrics and vocal performance, Maria provides an uplifting sensation with a touch of heat that is all about love. The charged-up electric percussion driven by the electronic guitars flow like electric current especially at the part where she sings,


The stars are other suns

Out there in space there is a light…


The sensation on display means that a repeated listening experience is a breeze as the band provides a listener with a stunning respite of entertainment showcasing an astounding penchant for high-quality songwriting and performance in the process. AMARIIA did hold nothing back with the high octane guitars and a moving tempo to give this track a melodic rock tune color that grabs a listener’s attention and upholds the edgy attitude of the tune. Watching the lyrics float and an accompanying voice to them is the ideal complement to this track to ensure that viewers join in and sing their lungs out to such impeccably crafted lyrics. To stand among the counted spare some time to listen in and view this lyrics video and be sure to make your thoughts know by leaving a comment, liking the video, and sharing it as you check out the rest of AMARIIA’S impressive catalog.

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