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Georgia-Based Singer, Rapper, and Lyricist Amor laüren Delivers Ear Candy in Her Latest Jam, “Champagne Consumer (Come on Baby)”

Royalty in her own right, Amor Laüren has led a fascinating and trailblazing career, succeeding where others only dreamed. Working with some of the most famous and international professionals within the realms of theater, film, music, and video, she has gained experience far beyond her reach, which translates into her own beautiful works that have earned her that global appeal. She is a multifaceted artist by any measure. Her beautiful voice is at the heart of her musicality, winning over fans and critics alike.

Well, Laüren is back, and this time she comes with something smooth and delicious, just like the title itself, “Champagne Consumer (Come On Baby)” delivered in her candy-sweet, gentle yet powerful and expressive voice, complemented by the splendid instrumentation.

This is the kind of music that makes you feel good—the sort you want to play in the car as you come from that hectic day job, her sweet words painlessly coursing through your heart and soul and making your face beam with pure joy.

The way she effortlessly sings and raps through the mellow beat showcases her boundless versatility as a performer, and her simple yet effective songwriting demonstrates her limitless creativity as a songwriter.

“Champagne Consumer (Come On Baby)” is short and sweet and has been accompanied by an eye-catching visualizer featuring the strikingly beautiful Laüren singing into your heart and acting out her words in the company of another person.

She really took it down to the elements of R&B and hip-hop with this one, and in a way that so many listeners dig as they vibe to its sonic beauty, depth, and elegance.

Already streaming on all popular channels, this is your time to listen to this raw masterpiece, and if you like what she has to offer, consider adding the song to your playlist and recommending it to your friends.

To watch the stunning visual, follow the link below, make sure you subscribe to Laüren’s YouTube channel, like the video, and leave a comment below it.

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