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New York Based Artist AMORELLE’s Latest Upbeat Single, “Keep on Keepin’” Has Been Deservedly Acclaimed!

AMORELLE is originally from the Haight-Ashbury of San Francisco but is currently based out of New York City where she has been making a name for herself as a singer-songwriter and producer. Displaying an innate character to get to the core roots of every style she indulges herself in, Amorelle has effortlessly displayed admirable professionalism backed by her deep sense of genre knowledge. She has been able to impact positively with her music which more than anything is coated with consequential meaning. Whether accompanied by lush pop beats, gospel-defined soul beats, or even R&B, her message always takes center stage for that true impact.

Her latest single, “Keep on Keepin’” has been critically acclaimed; for example on Spotify alone, it currently boasts thousands of streams in such a short period since it was released. And it is easy to see why- it is an upbeat, infectious and rhythmic track that boasts a very inspiring message at its core.

I love how the melodies have been superbly arranged with everything working in perfect harmony with each other to achieve the desired impact- talk of those organic instruments, the steady bass, and drum kits, very orderly and have added that nostalgic vibe of the 70s and 80s soul to make sure your interest is piqued throughout the track’s length.

AMORELLE absolutely has the voice of an angel; she breathes life into this timeless narrative with her vocals that hold so much faultless power and display such admirable vocal control over the catchy beats. The captivating chorus which features repeated catchy phrases will remain ingrained in your brain even after the tune is no more.

This is a victory anthem to always keep on moving despite the challenges that present on your way and its convectional infused soul vibe will allow a wide span of listeners to fall in love with it even more!

To stream and add, “Keep on Keepin’” as a favorite jam; follow the attached link, and don’t forget to share this track everywhere!

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