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Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice Musical Collective Take a Listener on an Explorative Journey Through Space, Time and Scientific Evolution in the “Potatoes on Mars” Album

Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice potatoes on mars

The Purple Mice is a music collective that is made up of different artists who started to work together on a musical project around Andrea Pizzo’s voice and his idea to create a concept album about the Universe and some human deepest dreams. This collection consists of the married couples Andrea Pizzo and Raffaella Turbino who live in Genova, Riccardo Morello and Roberto Tiranti whose proficiency and skills add that life and vibrancy to the songs. In a nutshell, Andrea is the music composer and the voice of The Purple Mice’s songs, Raffaella writes the lyrics, creates drawings and paintings, and makes the songs’ videos, Riccardo composes melodies and plays the keyboard whereas Roberto plays all the instruments and makes musical arrangements of all The Purple Mice’s songs.

Together they bring to you a thrilling and awe-inspiring expedition through the space, time and scientific evolution from birth, to civilization and technology in their 11-piece album dubbed “Potatoes on Mars”. There is an immaculate attention to detail with every track defined in its thematic qualities and strictly sticking to it. This is meant to be enjoyed from the first track, “Keep on Searching” to the last one “Starship to Heaven”. And when all of this is over, you will have gone through an exploration, evolution and evolution of your own and maybe stand qualified for a job at a NASA station!

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The expedition begins in space where a thorough exploration defined in melodic transcendence takes a listener through the planets of the solar system and an imagined journey through the Galaxy and Universe. The listener is then taken through moving meditations through a time when the scientific birth recreates humans with divine capabilities. Still, on the explorative mission, the album seeks to discover the scientific evolution of civilization through technology.

To give you a taste of this universal medicine is the space rock tune “Keep on Searching” which has well over 300 K Spotify streams. The Purple Mice prove without a doubt that they possess talented writers and performers by cooking up a particularly catchy rocker of a track that will whisk a listener to the nearest planet on earth! The planetary intro is followed by the unleashed medley of powerful vocal performances that engage in an intriguing moment of call and take a listener on a wide spin.

The tune bursts through the space with guitar adroitness and pleasure-injecting punchy drums as the vocals possess that necessary character needed to really reel the listener in and are delivered with a superb level of control. The Purple Mice really nail that classic rock sense and the vocal range is marvelously diverse.

This is just a piece of the fantasy and there are 10 more pieces from where that came from. Make haste and follow the attached link lest you risk being left on earth when the rocket is fueled and fired up!

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Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie" Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie"

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