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Australian Based Hip Hop Artist Ankur Has a New Entertaining and Deeply Inspiring Anthem Dubbed, “Roots” Featuring the Gifted Singer Bronte Kolbe

Ankur Roots

Ankur comes from Sydney but is currently based in Australia where he has been succeeding as an eclectic hip hop artist. He comes through with a very diverse and dynamic style that is able to sensationally blend modern and nostalgic hip hop with flavors of pop and rock for a very broad-ranging style that so many listeners have appreciated in their massive numbers going by the huge plays across major streaming platforms as well as radios. He is not shy about expressing his various sides including the vulnerable ones and this is what makes him a fan favorite since many listeners can relate to his style; not only melodically but also lyrically.

After taking a long hiatus, he is now back and he has made a decorated entry with a very catchy, infectious, and deeply resonant anthem titled, “Roots” in which he featured the sensationally gifted vocalist Bronte Kolbe who adds such depth and color to this already spectacular single!

“Roots” is undeniably that type of tune you can listen to all day without getting bored- has everything you’d wish in an anthem; lush and very warm instrumentation and a great balance that has been struck between pop-rock and hip–hop- what more could you ask for!

The laid-back beguiling piano intro gets things going before Kolbe jumps on board with her sweet-talking and soft vocals grabbing your attention and as the track builds, some quintessential lively pop-rock percussions are added from the entrancing instrumentation with Ankur taking his turn to deliver lyrically educative bars with his rap-inspired, poetic-like lyrical bars!

Behind the addicting feel all around this track is a deep message that we could use. So many of us are succumbing to the pressure that comes with life- the pressure to do better, to make it, to achieve our goals and we sometimes get so carried away that we forget why we are alive in the first place. Ankur is here to remind you to breathe, take it easy and give yourself a break and when overwhelmed, take a back seat for a little to think through. “Take it to the roots”- right where it all began!

This is a straight favorite and I’m sure after listening you will agree with me. “Roots” is now available for streaming on all platforms- follow the attached link so as to stream and let this track be your favorite anthem from today onwards!

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