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Enigmatic Metal Band Answers in Blood bring pure aggression, authenticity, and lyrical depth with “Killing Machine”

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Well, after indulging in Answers in Blood’s “Killing Machine” from their new “Acts of Violence” album, I can confirm this statement is true. Unlike your ordinary metal band, Answers in Blood emerges with the raw, uncontainable energy and pure aggression that heavy metal devotees live for. They have established themselves as an enigmatic metal sensation and a force across any era. Emerging in the rock scene with a fine-tuned grasp of metal craft, they figuratively set the world ablaze, leaving listeners clamoring for more.

The emphatic gurgle of the resounding riffs blends spectacularly with the high-powered drums, exuding an energetic thrill matched by the emotive, self-assured, and incredibly expressive lead vocals.

Answers in Blood take you with them as the story unfolds; the interplay between the roaring riffs, energetic drums, and insane bass licks creates a compelling sonic landscape that haunts long after the final notes fade away.

The mysterious aura is accentuated by the lyrical depth of the darkly-inspired lyrics that permeate deep inside a listener’s soul and evoke some audacious demons that are out for blood. This is the kind of performance that lets your demons out, and they roam, giving you a kind of refreshing feel you never thought would be experienced through music.

This is more than music; it’s as if a part of your soul is invited to where all the dark souls roam, which is quite exhilarating. It’s an experience worth savoring if you aren’t scared of the dark world.

Just like “Killing Machine,” there are so many standouts from the “Acts of Violence” project that I highly recommend metal music lovers sink their teeth into.

Enjoy this thrilling performance from a band at the top of their game by checking out their website at


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