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Musical enchantress Aquaa Mermaid delivers a high-energy and epic remix of her single “What Do U Know”

Based out of the DMV (Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia) area, Aquaa Mermaid is a multifaceted artistic maestro and the best of her kind when it comes to genre-bending. Her eclectic style draws inspiration from a variety of genres, including hip-hop, rap, R&B, rock, and pop. Her talents also include formidable vocal abilities and songwriting flair. When it comes to her songwriting, It draws inspiration from everyday life events and universal human emotions. This personal touch to her music makes her deeply relatable and identifiable and has earned her a massive following that keeps on growing by the day.

Momentum is building, with Aquaa Mermaid at the forefront following her new epic remix of the 2022 pop single “What Do U Know.” With this refreshing remix, she takes things a notch higher with rock-inspired instrumentation and charged-up lyrics. What Do U Know (Remix)” is a candid masterpiece that directly addresses its subject matter.

The electric guitar chops at the intro establish a compelling, riff-heavy tone akin to a siren’s call. A listener immediately knows they are in for a ride, and once Aquaa starts delivering her rap-flavored verses, you just feel like this is it!

It’s actually fascinating how she is able to bounce from rapping to singing and singing back to rapping. She does it so effortlessly, all the while giving a listener a memorable trip with the catchy hooks and infectious lyrics.

A masterpiece born of resilience, “What Do U Know (Remix)” symbolizes reclaiming control and power over one’s life and emotions. This is the realization of one’s self-worth as one takes the driver’s seat and decides where the journey starts and ends. Having been taken for granted, used and abused, lied to, and manipulated, Aquaa is simply taking the painful lessons and transforming them into fuel to become indestructible.

The rock sensation provided by the electric guitar elevates this song to electrifying heights, resonating with energy and power.

“What Do U Know (Remix)” is now streaming on all popular platforms. There is also a live performance video on Aquaa Mermaid’s YouTube channel worth checking out. Well, do the honors by streaming and adding this masterpiece to your playlist.

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