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Italian music composer and producer, Aria, seamlessly blends message and romance in his single “Smile”.

Iconic Italian music composer and producer Aria’s music is timeless, highly listenable, and usually reflects his mammoth understanding of the times. He brings a peculiar wealth of diversity to his unique music, preferring to stretch the boundaries of what is considered traditional and push the limits of his sound, a personality that has earned him widespread critical acclaim. His music is far from the ordinary and the obvious; he is dedicated to exploring the sonic rabbit holes, collaborating with artists from various genres in order to offer depth and scope to his global fan base.

The track “Smile” really is a cathartic experience of a record on which Aria really outdid himself. The track features amazing vocals by guest vocalist Ariel Jones, impeccable production, and first-class storytelling.

This is one of those songs that is less heard and more felt thanks to the innovation and vision around it. The instrumentation has been well chosen and perfectly complements the song.

Every element of the track is balanced to ensure a genuine connection with the listener, bolstered by its romantic and positive message.

This song ticks all the boxes for a radio-ready masterpiece and defies pigeonholing, thanks to its varied lyrics, melody, and execution. With that said, I believe fans of rock, jazz, and pop genres will find something to appreciate about this striking piece of music.

It has always been Aria’s hope that when you listen to his music, you are able to get something out of it, whether it’s an intense feeling or just that you bop to the melody. His unique perspective is shaped not only by his unconventional life but also by over six decades marked by numerous beginnings, endings, and constant reinvention.

Streaming on all popular platforms globally, follow the link below to stream and save “Smile” to your library, and you’ll be glad you did!

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