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Highly acclaimed Canadian urban pop and rock sensation Arianna Tsar is set to release her own distinctly reimagined cover of Nirvana’s timeless classic “About A Girl.”


At just 13 years old, Toronto, Canada-based urban pop and rock trailblazing sensation Arianna Tsar exudes an artistic integrity, authenticity, and showmanship way beyond her years. Her emotive vocals of pure range and power have appealed to a massive fan base that follows her every move with great admiration. Following in the footsteps of her musical family, Arianna has swiftly and rightfully earned her spot through hard work, relentless dedication, unwavering commitment to her craft, and her rare trademark gifts. Forging her own path and creating a unique sound while taking inspiration from some of her biggest luminaries, the future looks incredibly bright for this young artist with the musical world at her feet, stealing hearts and souls, one song at a time.

The air is thick with anticipation following news of Arianna Tsar’s upcoming release. And this is no ordinary release; Arianna Tsar takes us back to around 1989, a time she wasn’t born yet, and neither was she in the picture as she beautifully and uniquely remakes legendary band Nirvana’s timeless classic “About A Girl.”

Taking what was initially there—an energetic tour de force brimming with grunge aesthesis—Arianna Tsar polishes it, recreating it in her own lounge style while still honoring the original composition.

She uses her authentic and uniquely captivating lounge-inspired style with urban pop and subtle rock sensibilities as a trampoline to reach new creative grounds. While doing so, she maintains the core emotional depth, vividly painting the intricacies of relationships through the lens of Kurt Cobain from the original piece.

Arianna’s soft and gentle yet powerful and highly emotive voice helps illuminate the lyrics, underscoring the emotional weight with her words and painting this timeless classic in an ethereally fulfilling contemporary manner. The result speaks for itself!

Arianna’s version of “About A Girl” is a reimagining that honors the spirit of Nirvana as an iconic band while showcasing her unique voice and style as an upcoming musician with so much to offer.

With this remake, Arianna acts as a bridge between the past and present with her futuristic flair, capturing the ears of both old and new generations and highlighting the true power of music to bring people closer together.

The date is set; July 19, 2024, will be the day of musical reckoning as Arianna showcases her own flair and talent beyond reach by reimagining something that was created way before her own generation and doing so with such creative finesse.

Mark your calendars; in fact, do one better by pre-saving this track via to be ready once it officially drops.

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As we patiently wait for this sonic tour de force, check out Arianna’s music on popular platforms like Spotify, where she has over 25K monthly listeners and a discography that is a treasure trove of hauntingly beautiful, singable, and danceable music!

Visit her website at, and follow her on Instagram @ariannatsar.

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