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Qatar based DJ and record producer Armani Minhas’ remix to Miley Cyrus and Dual Lipa’s “Prisoner” is just so surreal!

Armani Minhas is a rapidly rising electronic dance music producer and DJ with an ear for sound design and that knack for the commercial. He possesses what you’d call gifted hands flanked by his vast knowledge of music, and that makes him the producer to keep an eye on and an ear out for this year and beyond. He has so much in store for his ever-expanding legion of global fans, as he wants to take his sound to the next level by releasing his original materials and hoping that the world falls in love with them…I am more than certain they will, because from what I’ve heard so far, Armani Minhas is phenomenally gifted and is not shy of taking his listeners on a gratifying adventure with his sound, which takes elements from a variety of EDM genres and subgenres.

What Armani Minhas does on Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa’s “Prisoner” cannot be replicated anywhere else; this is just so original and unique and will instantly get you snapping and bopping your head. He really did an incredible job with the beat; it slaps like hell, and the fact that his version is longer than the original makes that euphoric feeling last even longer!

I have to admit, I am not normally a fan of the remixes and covers, but Armani Minhas changes my mind on this—the time and effort he put in to edit and engineer such impeccable audio and bass is worthy of critical praise. It sounds very professional and, most importantly, cohesive!

This version has a Miami club vibe written all over it; it is the sort to get you dancing with reckless abandon. The mix is on point and in perfect sync with the vocals. It actually gave me the same chill as the first time I listened to the original track. Of all the remixes I have listened to, this one really tops the list.

He just did something different and unique, and you can feel it—this is not just the same old generic slap house; it is so unique and different and backed with a near-flawless execution to give it that upbeat clubby vibe. And what he did with that bassline man, it’s so hypnotic and surreal!

You really deserve to listen to this remixed version; just follow the attached YouTube link, subscribe to Armani Minhas’ channel, like it, share the track widely, and more importantly, add it to your library!

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