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Florida-based Latin songbird Artemis delivers a captivating performance with her new single “Bésame”

As a singer, Artemis is unique, possessing a silky voice that can sound either angelic or seductive, or, like on her latest single “Bésame”, positively haunted. As a songwriter, she is equally skilled at writing with an eye for real life and mining the depths of her heart, a combination that she hopes will create many enduring hits of her era. She is a rising force in pop and world music, inspired by the highs and lows of being human; she creates music about love, loss, and female empowerment.

With her latest single “Bésame”, Artemis captures your attention with each lyric and instrumental layer, resonating with your emotions through her distinct sound and intimate and honest lyrics.

Her voice holds such effortless power, is mature, and exudes such an incredible range. Her vocals are beautifully haunting, and the way she phrases her words provokes thoughts and imagery.

“Bésame” is a Spanish word that directly translates to “Kiss Me.” As such, this is a delightfully charming ballad that is the best accompaniment to that date with your special someone or if sharing music is your kind of love language.

Central to the track’s impact is its outstanding and eye-catching music video, with the incredibly gifted dance couple complementing the track perfectly. This is such an epic combination of music and video that it demands your attention from start to finish. It also helps elevate the track’s message to new heights of emotional gratification.

This fusion of pop and Latin influences creates a crossover appeal, and her rich voice also helps account for the song’s broad-based appeal.

“Bésame” is the kind of performance that leaves you feeling happier than before and endowed with warm feelings of love—a feeling that we could all use, especially during these challenging times.

“Bésame” is streaming on all the popular channels and has more than 50K Spotify streams; to watch that striking music video, follow the attached link, don’t forget to subscribe to Artemis’ YouTube channel, like the video, leave a comment below it, and share it with friends.

Follow Artemis on Instagram to be part of this musical odyssey.

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