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Augustwolf’s “Visual Music” album is equal parts intriguing and infectious!

Augustwolf is the musical collaborative project of American multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Douglas Wolf Reid and Ukrainian Oleh Andrievsky, a musical project that was birthed online and that brought together two phenomenally gifted composers with a penchant for timeless instrumental sounds.

Their new album, “Visual Music” is ultimately what happens when two ingeniously gifted artists come together; each recognizing what the other is worth. And you know that both of them individually are really ingenious creators, but together they are perfection.

“Visual Music” creation and production were not easy due to the ongoing Ukrainian incursion by Russia, which really made the process close to impossible. But being unhindered and with the sheer will to make this project happen, Douglas and Oleh found a way around the challenges, and that is how we have this exceptional collection that transports a listener beyond worlds, thoughts, and imagination!

Music like this is never going to go out of style. You know why? Because solid, melodic, infectious, unfussy, ambient sound (albeit with cinematic swagger) never goes out of fashion. As “Visual Music” motors through to its logical conclusion, you yearn for a time when songs and the artists behind them just got on with the job—no fuss, no courting controversy, no clout. Just artists getting into the studio and engineering timeless and relevant music!

A captivatingly adventurous album, Augustwolf completely hit the mark and showed off the endless versatility and musicianship worthy of virtuosos. It spans many genres but comes together to form this cohesive overall listen.

“Pursuit” has that rock swagger from that concoction of crunchy guitar riffs, pounding drums, and hypnotic percussion that whisks a listener to a world of healthy introspection and wishful delight. The track has been lovingly arranged and exquisitely produced, highlighting Augustwolf’s knack for composition.

“The Sorcerer’s Edition” starts warmly with an inviting tone and irresistible percussion before the harmonies follow a marvelously enchanting path with the cinematic scores. This masterpiece is beautifully haunting and effortlessly invokes emotions from within a listener even without the lyrics.

“Here I Stand” features a mellow keyboard flanked by thoughtfully hit guitar strings. This song is no less timeless, just in a more understated way. It is slightly sentimental, balladic, and delicate, but still oozing honesty and integrity!

Augustwolf delivers a deeply meaningful peace in “Ukraine Peace and War” which is reflected through the ambient guitar licks and luxurious melodies that keep on transcending as if to heighten the impact of this track. This is Augustwolf’s way of reminding the world that atrocities are still being perpetuated and we should not turn a blind eye to what is happening!

“On Douglas Pond” is a laid-back tune that is executed with such a near-flawless fluidity that even the inexperienced ear can feel the technique and precision that went into making this ear candy.

“Jimmy Jam” has an enchanting country elegance to it that ingratiates itself with the listener throughout the track’s length.

“Visual Music” is the story of two great musicians coming together to create music that they wish existed.

Augustwolf’s chemistry and complete mind-meld are evident in this project, with equal and opposite forces working together to create something extraordinary. “Visual Music” is a must-listen that demonstrates the talent and originality that Augustwolf bring to the scene.

“Visual Music” is already streaming on all the popular platforms, including Spotify; follow the attached link and enjoy this exceptional body of work.

Fads and fashions may come and go, but I suspect that however strongly the winds of change may blow, Augustwolf will always be found in the relative calm of the eye of storm doing what they do best!


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