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Award-Winning Southern Soul Blues Artist Sky Whatley’s “Auntie Love” Has Received Positive Buzz on the International Music Scene.

Sky Whatley’s exploration in “Auntie Love” reflects a shift in his musical style. And with suGoodie Mobch a catchy, classic-inspired, and ‘feel-good’ jam as this, he takes it to the basics but with such creative appeal. Nothing is overly complicated here. Just great music that exudes some good vibes and makes you want to dance in time with the beat. What started as just an ear-catching anthem has been spreading like wildfire from Atlanta, Georgia, all the way to Texas and outside, earning the song critical acclaim from a wide range of audiences, including mature women who resonate with its theme.

Sky Whatley is a multiple award-winning Southern soul blues artist hailing from Rockmart, GA. He has been able to develop such an impressive catalog with his instantly identifiable sound that cuts across the soul, rhythm, and blues with effortless ease. His distinct and powerful voice is ideally suited for his genre, allowing him to pack such an appropriate punch on whatever record he’s involved with.

Enhancing the allure of “Auntie Love,” the track features a legendary collaboration with Big Gipp of Goodie Mob, a pioneer from the OutKast Dungeon Family, also known for his big hit “Grillz” with Nelly. This partnership infuses the song with a unique blend of Southern soul and hip-hop, elevating it to a new level of musical sophistication and appeal.

The beauty of “Aunty Love” lies in so many things: the beat itself is catchy and infectious, the easily quotable lyrics make it a sing-along masterpiece, and Whatley’s smooth, luscious, and velvety voice skims through the rhythm with confidence and charm, taking this jam to a higher level.

The official music video is a visually stunning work of art and the perfect complement to this jam, both in apologue and symbolism. Already with over 15K views in such a short period, you can tell that many listeners are enthusiastically embracing this jam—as they should!

If you are looking for “Auntie Love,” here is a good place to start with this singable tune as part of your playlist.

Don’t miss the opportunity to appreciate the synergistic energy brought by Sky Whatley and Big Gipp in this track. Make sure you recommend it to someone, especially that sexy, mature, and beautiful lady you know, to remind them of how strong, healthy, and resilient they all are!


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