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Punk rock band AUSTIN and the BAD BOYZ transport listeners to a realm of magic and music with their new jam “NOIZE”

If you are looking for melodic riffs, striking bass lines, and pulverizing breakdowns, along with a healthy dose of sing-along hooks, I’d like to introduce you to AUSTIN and the BAD BOYZ: a power garage-punk trio preserving the purity of punk and alternative rock the best way they know how. Their deliriously dexterous rock sound spans conventions, capturing that eclectic thrill that is associated with punk, garage, alternative, and indie rock—from hard-charged, detuned garage to ebullient punk rock! AUSTIN and the BAD BOYZ couldn’t be happier that you are here and have accepted the call to revel in their sonic endeavors as they win hearts and souls, one rock anthem at a time!

Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but AUSTIN and the BAD BOYZ’s latest release, “NOIZE,” may be my favorite punk song by far. The lyrics, the beat… the whole atmosphere screams radio staple with replay value!

The sonic foundation is sufficiently laid by that rhythmically captivating and haunting blend of bass and riffs, providing the ideal backdrop for the lead singer’s emotive vocals. The delivery is refined, backed by the catchy and infectious lyrics that stay with a listener long after the song is no more.

This is AUSTIN and the BAD BOYZ’s second single, and they really went above and beyond, exuding raw talent, charisma, and well-deserved critical acclaim. If a band could go to jail for the quality of their songs, AUSTIN and the BAD BOYZ would most definitely get a life sentence for this jam alone; it is a masterpiece!

I’m honestly just happy I’m here to witness this band and support it. This is the kind of jam that gives hope for the future of punk rock. The depth of lyricism, magnificently complemented by the dexterous execution and self-assured vocals, is why “NOIZE” deserves its place in any rock playlist.

To add this “NOIZE” to your playlist, check the attached link and make sure you recommend it to your friends.

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