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California-based emcee BALENS KLEREDE’s latest collaboration, “The Science of Klerede” with Colorado-based producer Black Science is nothing short of a musical blockbuster!

“The Science of Klerede” is what happens when two phenomenally gifted musicians come together to blend their musical tastes and ideas. A six-track project that was created through phone calls and emails, this album transcends the boundaries of hip-hop and rap music in every possible way. The golden age of underground hip-hop would be proud, yet something is highly unfamiliar. There is no coast or region to which this sound is beholden. Striking masterful flows are juxtaposed with refreshingly innovative beats to come up with music that captivates way beyond the five senses. BALENS KLEREDE is a matchless raconteur who will transport you into the matrix with his innate competency to paint with words while he chops analytical cadences effortlessly.

Black Science showcases his knack and ear for innovative beats, creating some beats that will automatically leave a lasting impact and blend seamlessly with BALENS’ scene-stealing bars. BALENS and Black Science are equal and opposite forces that have a complete mind-meld going on. The prowess is evident—they just might be surpassing your favorite rappers and producers!

With the opening track, “Alchemical Inventory”, BALENS delves into science, anatomy, spirituality, and mathematics, exuding irresistible allure. Its lyrics explore biodiversity and how organisms, planets, and nature are distinct in their characteristics yet interconnected through the complex web of life on Earth. The song’s lyrical dexterity stands as a testament to the artist’s command over language, as he employs a plethora of complex vocabularies to articulate his emotions with depth and eloquence. The refreshingly innovative and captivating beat provides a backdrop to delightfully supplement BALENS’ visual wordplay, creating a sensory listening experience that is nothing short of aural alchemy!

The track “Flying Pyramids” is cinematic, featuring a blend of twists and turns. BALENS comes through with nimble flows,

“Breathing Under Water” featuring More Bounce on the harmonies, is another standout that sees Black Science seamlessly blend old-school beats with R&B sensibilities. This tune is a lively ballad that encapsulates that powerful Black love experience. At the track’s heart is the captivating hook that wraps around a listener like a warm embrace. BALENS comes through with nimble flows—his emotive vocals and his impeccable flow accentuate the weight of his words.

For the tune “The Mortal Dissension Tour”, you’ll need to pause, rewind, and listen again to fully grasp the magnitude of BALENS’ words. He challenges a listener to face their fears or risk getting consumed by them with his conscious verses, marinating a strong presence and exuding such confidence and charisma.

“Deity Disturbance” features the conspicuous turntable scratches from DJ Soul-O that add depth, complexity, and variety to this raw masterpiece, which is a proper underground banger. The lyrics are as powerful as the production itself, as BALENS confronts the matrix and challenges societal norms with thought-provoking and hard-hitting punchlines.

The last tune, “Iniquitous Initiations,” sees BALENS delve into the slavery that is Hollywood and all the behind-the-scene evils and manipulations that ardent fans remain unaware of. He comes off masterful with some wise perspectives over the candid beat. His creatively referential rhymes and compelling bars showcase an insatiable hunger to assert his lyrical prowess.

In every video, I was in awe at the levels of innovation to come up with first-class visuals that perfectly fit each song’s narrative as well as its essence. The music video for “Deity Disturbance” is by far my favorite. You can watch all these music videos by checking out BALENS KLEREDE’s YouTube channel, subscribing, liking, and sharing all the songs with your friends.

This project has been received to critical acclaim and is already receiving rave reviews from hip-hop and rap fans, as well as from critics who praise its nostalgic yet contemporary relevance.

By tapping into the unconventional and challenging the status quo in only the ways they know how, this duo has delivered a 10/10 project that will remain etched in the memories of anyone who lends an ear forever.

Like I said before, “The Science of Klerede” is what happens when two ingenious artists come together, each recognizing what the other is worth…this collaboration is a profound showcase of both artists’ boundless creativity and versatility.

Already streaming on all the popular platforms, here is your chance to experience something that transcends the music itself; these are stories and emotions packaged nicely over some first-class productions you don’t want to miss!

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