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South London-Based Rapidly Rising Female Rapper Beckmilli Set to Release Her New Anthem “Axel Foley”

BeckMilli is what you get when you mix raw and diverse uncensored talent with insatiable passion. Unlike your typical artist, this South London-based female hip-hop artist brings a little something extra to the table. She is an explosive wordsmith who effortlessly bridges the gap between rapper and artist. This trailblazing sensation has taken the UK rap industry by storm with her unparalleled talent, infectious beats, and thought-provoking lyricism. Born with a magnetic charisma and an insatiable hunger for self-expression, she now showcases the same hunger for lyrical prowess backed by her autobiographical and creatively referential approach to hip-hop and rap.

And being a Londoner, she infuses her sound with the quintessential drill rhythm, complemented by Grime influences, to transport listeners to seventh heaven. Armed with razor-sharp wit and an introspective and honest outlook on life, she fearlessly dives into the depths of her own experiences, painting vivid pictures with her words that resonate with listeners on a profound level.

BeckMilli is an artist in the truest sense of the word, displaying an innate ability to seamlessly blend genres. She refuses to stand still, effortlessly fusing elements to create a sonic landscape that is uniquely her own. Her rap music transcends boundaries, transporting listeners to a realm where emotions run wild and dreams come to life.

She is now set to set the music world ablaze with her upcoming single, “AXEL FOLEY”. This first-class performance cannot be adequately expressed with words… there simply aren’t enough words to capture its brilliance!

This performance reminded me of Little Simz’s rendition of Central Cee and Dave’s ‘Sprinter’ – I could think of nothing else that comes close to the performance she unleashes here.

Unorthodox and masterful flows, a million-dollar voice, and a superstar’s stage presence backed by swinging and banging drill beats is “AXEL FOLEY” in a nutshell and boy, does she go above and beyond!

She’s got such an undeniable star glow about her, and the way she keeps on going, juxtaposing her wise perspectives with infectious hooks to get you utterly hypnotized, is an absolute enigma. All the while, she maintains a strong presence, exuding confidence and charisma.

Her delivery is marked by rapid-fire flows and seamless transitions from one verse to another, and the energy she exudes is infectious—she really knows how to pack a powerful punch!

Like Tupac Shakur, BeckMilli writes songs based on her real-life experiences. She is not an artist who is afraid to give you the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything else in between.

BeckMilli is a rapper and artist who is coming for the top prize, and she will not rest until she earns global acclaim and leaves an indelible legacy that will be a source of inspiration to upcoming generations.

She is taking the torch passed down by some of the luminaries she looks up to and igniting it with her own fiery style. Her lyrics serve as a mirror to society; she shines light on everyday life to create music that resonates deeply with unique audiences.

“AXEL FOLEY” was inspired by the film “Beverly Hill Cop” where the protagonist was named Axel Foley. This total banger will officially debut on September 27, 2023, on all major platforms and will be accompanied by a high-end music video on YouTube.

There is an indomitable character in the voice of BeckMilli; – she emerges as a versatile artist driven by an insatiable passion for creativity and possesses an incendiary and captivating delivery that ignites the senses of the listener.

She is here, and she is a force to reckon with. You won’t want to miss her journey. Follow her on Instagram to get up-close and personal


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