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Rising star and artistic sensation Big Daddy Marc delivers a catchy and infectious performance with the single “Will You Spend the Night?” from his latest album.

The name Marc Anderson or Big Daddy Marc requires very little introduction in the musical sphere; with impressions spanning millions on TikTok, thanks to his impressive covers that tug at the heartstrings of music fans who can’t get enough of his vocal prowess, innate charisma, and magnetic stage presence. What started as a lifelong passion for the craft of music and was sharpened in church has blossomed into this flourishing career hailed by fans, critics, and industry heavyweights alike. Can we talk about his work ethic? You just have to leave it up to him. This man never sleeps, creating new material at every turn. I mean, look at his 2024 catalog alone! It is an impressive catalog, and he isn’t done yet! We fully appreciate Big Daddy Marc’s work so that we can give him his due recognition.

He recently launched his new album, “A Star Is Born: Big Daddy Marc Story (Extended Edition)” which features 15 tracks. This special edition takes listeners through his life’s story with songs that unfold like chapters in a well-crafted novel or a perfectly directed film.

The song “Will You Spend the Night?” is a single from this project and one that is catchy, infectious, and memorable.

With his distinct, unmistakable, and velvety vocals, he exudes this warm and expressive feeling to the track, contributing to its shimmering and rippling vibe. The richness of the beat that spans futuristic hip-hop is ideal for this performance, providing a captivating backdrop that delightfully complements Big Daddy Marc’s sing-song technique.

Marc’s voice feels like an instrument by itself, adding such richness and depth to the song and enhancing the emotional expression as well as adding interest to the music. The song’s inspiration is simple, relatable, and intriguing, as Big Daddy expresses his flirtatious thoughts towards a beautiful lady he meets at a club, is intrigued by her, and wants to take her home for obvious reasons.

His delivery is subtle, but he does not tip-toe around the subject matter. The result is a track you can be comfortable listening to with anyone, really.

This is a hit masterpiece with replay value and one I’m sure you’ll find captivating and relatable.

To add the jam to your library, check the attached link, and don’t stop there, listen to the album in its entirety and other standout projects Big Daddy Marc has already released so far, including the banger, “Opps in Sheep’s Clothing” which has been dominating the airwaves and the EP, “Loverboy” which exposes a vulnerable side to Big Daddy’s artistry.


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