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Spectra rock band Big Sexy delivers a powerful and meaningful performance with the single “River of Shame”


Taking listeners to a world where rock, country, and Americana fuse and dance, eclectic band Big Sexy, made up of singer-songwriter Gary Maccagnone and composer and producer Alex Goroshko, pride themselves on their versatility. Weaving together instrumental prowess and meaningful lyrics, the band has gained recognition for their authenticity as well as emotional depth. They sing about relatable things and aren’t afraid of confronting the matrix as well. The beauty of Big Sexy rests in how they put heart and passion into their music. Wearing their hearts on their sleeves, they stir the emotions of anyone lucky enough to get into close contact with their music.

The track “River of Shame” is really what you call a performance; the depth of lyricism has been attractively complemented by the dexterous execution of the music.

Right from the very first notes, Big Sexy immerses you in this rich sonic world as the powerful lyrics confront everything wrong with the west, capitalism, and how the church has been compromised, letting all these injustices and immoralities be swept right under their rags.

The acoustic guitar solo gives the song its country feel and sets a warm tone, providing the perfect backdrop for Gary’s emotion-drenched vocals. As the song progresses, more depth and intensity are added, with the punchy drums, harmonica, and crisp percussion giving it a vibrant feel.

The chorus is big and memorable, which is where the gist of this song resides. It is the kind of catchy chorus that stays with you even after the final notes have faded away.

“River of Shame” is a shining example of Big Sexy’s commitment to making the world a better place through their music. It is not just any other song, but a masterpiece worthy of fanfare and airplay.

To sink your teeth into this body of work, check the attached link, and if you love what the band has to offer, highly consider adding the song to your own playlist for daily reference.


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