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The American band Big Sexy captures the melancholic story of an ex-war veteran battling PTSD with the catchy and infectious anthem “Swallow the Pain.”

They say that the best songs are those performed from the heart. When artists wear their hearts on their sleeves and let those emotions fly, they create music that resonates deeply. For Big Sexy, an American band made up of singer-songwriter Gary Maccagnone and music composer and producer Alex Goroshko, music has the power to make you feel heard and understood, and they harness this power to create the soundtracks of our lives. The beauty of their music lies in its clever defiance of musical boundaries, blending elements from popular and experimental genres. Known for their instinctive storytelling and ability to craft atmospheric soundscapes, Big Sexy’s music offers listeners a cinematic journey into their artistry.

With a growing catalog of original compositions and increasing exposure, Big Sexy continues to push the boundaries of roots music, inviting listeners on an odyssey of sonic exploration and discovery.

The single “Swallow the Pain” from the band’s critically acclaimed album “River of Shame” tells the story of a famous boxer forced to enlist in the military during the Korean War, and when he returns home, he’s a changed man. As a result, his family must cope with a father silently battling PTSD.

The beauty of this track lies in how Big Sexy captures the dramatic flair of this situation, making it deeply emotional. The instrumentation is cinematic right from the get-go, as the bass and drums create a rhythmically driven percussion that beautifully complements the lead singer’s expressive vocals.

As the song progresses, the accordion and fiddle add depth and intensity, capturing a country feel over the unmistakable folk-rock structure. The storytelling knack of folk and country meets the energy of indie, and the execution is top-tier. The result is a masterpiece that is felt as much as it is heard.

Music like this reminds listeners of the immense talent out there, and it’s a sad realization that many artists remain undiscovered because the industry often values mainstream acts over others.

“Swallow the Pain” is a hidden gem and a performance worthy of your time and place in your favorite playlist.

With that said, how about you take some time to stream this track and add it to your library? As you do, please remember to share it with your friends and family…they too deserve to experience such a masterpiece as this.


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