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Black Diamond’s Critically Acclaimed Banger “Its Givin” Featuring Love & Hip Hop Star Just Brittany Has Been Racking Up Tremendous Numbers

She hit the ground running and has never looked back; a second-generation femcee extraordinaire, I couldn’t be more optimistic about the future of female rap. If anything, Nashville-based female rapper and songwriter Black Diamond has proved on countless occasions that she is more than capable of rivaling the A-listers and usurping the throne. She has it all: start quality, bars for days, and she isn’t afraid to throw some shade! If you hadn’t known about Black Diamond up until now, I suggest you pay more attention because evolution is about to happen, and I’d hate to be the one to tell you “I told you so” again—it’s getting tiring of always being right!

“Its Givin” has been giving the industry sleepless nights; everyone, left, right, and center, seems to be jamming to this smash hit, and you really can’t blame them! Catchy and addictive, there is only one way that this ends: with you vibing uncontrollably to its banger qualities.

Raw, hard, and seemingly cold, I love how Black Diamond brings the heat over the dope modern hip-hop instrumentals in a way that highlights her innate rapping skills and energy. She surely has an ear for hit melodies and a knack for commercials! From this performance, it’s apparent that she knows her way around rap music and is not shy of stepping on some toes to have it her way—the kind of bravery that will keep her nemesis at bay as she thrives her way to the top!

Making a guest appearance, Love & Hip-Hop queen Just Brittany indisputably supplemented this tune with her clever wordplay and rhymes in support of the theme of the track.

The music video is already out and has so far amassed tremendous views that are escalating with each passing minute. It is a high-end visual stunner that depicts Diamond’s expensive taste and is bound to catch your attention throughout the track’s length. Worth every second of your time!

You might be wondering what all the fuss is about; being the selfless type, I’ll let you have your moments to listen to this already-certified hit, and afterward, we can continue with this conversation.

Follow the attached link to view the high-quality visuals, like the video, and leave a comment below on how you feel about “Its Givin” and Black Diamond!

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