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From Mental Health to Addiction: Blue Light Effect Tackles Tough Topics Through Music in Their Latest Album “Songs From The Frontline”

When the COVID pandemic hit and the world stood still, we helplessly watched as everything was thrown into disarray…the clouds were engulfed with a certain thick uncertainty over what was an unfamiliar threat…scientists and health professionals wore their armor and got into the lab in fervent search of anything close to a solution…in the midst of this sea of unforeseen calamity and confusion, on the glowing yet gobsmacked expansive island in New York, a rock band was sprouting; Casually formed by members who were seeking solace amidst all the insanity, it has grown into one of the most popular bands in New York; the band goes by the name Blue Light Effect.

Formed during one of the most uncertain times in the history of the world, it was only right that some of their music would reflect those distasteful events around the time, and that is how their full-length debut project, “Songs From The Frontline,” came about.

A band composed of first responders, frontline workers, and a registered nurse is uniquely equipped to translate the emotions of the pandemic into music with near-universal appeal. What you are therefore getting into by subscribing to their content is a sound built around spectrum rock; nothing is off limits—talk about the dissonance, ferocity, and jolt of hard rock, the dazzle, blossom, and rhapsody of pop rock, and even the pizzazz of the more melodic and angst-free blues rock!

“Songs From The Frontline” features 11 tracks that borrow inspiration from the ugly reality of mental health disaster, the uncontrollable addiction, and the heart-wrenching loss of life flanked by the hopelessness that the pandemic brought along with it. But that’s not all…through the collection, the band is kind enough to offer hopeful ballads that echo that spirit of resiliency, tremendous strength, fortitude, and power to overcome just about anything.

A track like “Wreckage” is hopeful and one that celebrates the mental toughness to fight through an engulfing web of darkness, riding through the bridge of adversity into enduring victory. This masterpiece is a guitar and drum-driven powerhouse that showcases the band’s signature edgy rock. With heavy riffs and pounding drums, Blue Light Effect delivers a healthy dose of rock-fueled adrenaline that takes refuge in your brain for the rest of the day, making it hard for you to forget.

Throughout this collection, you will be made aware of a passionate musical band that is pushing the genre boundaries and not limiting themselves to the type of music they provide: the hard-hitting drums, electrifying guitar playing, intoxicating melodies, and daring vocal performances, all in service of something meaningful and energetic. Blue Light Effect really sizzles the charts with the touch of that raw hard and pop rock in this entire collection.

Blue Light Effect is proof of just how even the most uncertain circumstances can end up breeding something inspiring, opening up creative avenues, and generating exciting ideas. The way they work closely together to form something beautiful, unique, and loud is why their sound is receiving unanimous acclaim with every day that passes.

To a band like Blue Light Effect, it feels like their music originates from the belief that although skill, technique, and precision are valuable traits to possess in music and life in general, they should always be rooted in an emotional depth of empathy, soulfulness, and passion.

“Songs From The Frontline” is now available for streaming, purchase, and download; follow the attached link to support and be part of this special band that is setting the standards of what it is like to be successful while chasing all of your passions!

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