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Pixiegroove Records and Alohomora Pictures join forces to deliver upcoming songstress BODEE’s debut single, “Jackie” backed by an epic music video.

BODEE is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter and performer. She is a unique musician, combining the brooding sounds of aesthetic pop with the edginess of contemporary pop and dreamy influences. Inspecting, dissecting, and getting to the heart of what’s most imperative to her in music necessitates that she plays her music with humble confidence and intense conviction. She composes and performs, creating atmospheres, tunes, and sonic textures that intertwine aesthetic and rhythmic pop beats with dynamic, dreamy, and transcendental influences.

“Jackie” is the debut single by BODEE; a raw masterpiece that was released by Pixiegroove Records and complemented by a stunningly eye-catching music video that was shot in Kuala Lumpur in collaboration with Alohomora Pictures.

“Jackie” is a raw manifestation of a dream BODEE had, which she transformed into fascinating lyrics backed by melodies with near-universal appeal.

The track features such an impressive blend of rhythm and melody as BODEE’s expressive vocals slide through the track with a subtle confidence. The combination of striking beats and her incredible vocals creates a cathartic listening experience that is both ear-catching and charming.

When you add to that the outstandingly acted music video, then you are bound to be transfixed at such visual ingenuity…The combination is both synchronized and divergent. This is the kind of music video that feels like watching a mini film; you’ll be mesmerized from the first minute all the way to the last one. Kudos to everyone involved for a job magnificently done!

For a music listener out there who will obviously fall in love with “Jackie”, we can only hope that this is the first of many more spellbinding tunes from this artist who has the potential, and with the backing of an umbrella like Pixiegroove Records, we hope that this collaboration goes the distance.

To enjoy “Jackie,” follow the provided link. Don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel, like the video, share the music, and follow both Pixiegroove Records and Alohomora Pictures on all their social media for more exciting updates.

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