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Atlanta-based eclectic musician Brandon-Nicole seamlessly blends trap with jazz in her latest single, ‘Smokin’.’

Closely examining, punctiliously dissecting, and getting to the heart of what’s most important to her ears have led Atlanta-based musician Brandon-Nicole to play her music with humble confidence and intense conviction. She is a woman of many talents with a creative career spanning roles as a professional saxophonist, vocal tutor, producer, and composer. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, she creates music that defies easy categorization, spanning jazz, R&B, hip-hop, and trap.

In her latest release, ‘Smokin’,’ the dynamic trap-inspired beats meet the classical thrill of jazz, underscored by the hauntingly beautiful and thoughtfully played saxophone. Brandon-Nicole showcases such impressive skill and range, evoking these sweet-sounding melodies that speak to the heart and soul of a listener even without the words.

Good music ingratiates itself effortlessly with the listener, and this is the case with ‘Smokin’.’ It is good music with replay value, and the way Brandon-Nicole is able to stretch the limits of genre is a shining example of her musicianship.

Authentic and arresting, the shimmering concoction of percussive trap beats and compelling saxophone melodies invites listeners to dance along and feel emotionally connected to the music. It’s hard to separate Brandon-Nicole from her music and performance, as they feel one and the same. She gives the listener a part of her soul, making it feel special and touching the heart.

The visually striking music video elevates the tune with eye-catching visuals that transition seamlessly, capturing attention from start to finish.

When ‘Smokin” is over, you find yourself pressing rewind, letting the music take you on a deeply immersive and evocative journey. It’s the beauty of such a masterpiece as this that speaks without words because it is felt beyond the ears, reaching into the body, mind, and soul. Simply put, you can feel it beyond the five senses.

A sonic tour de force in composition and execution, ‘Smokin” is your new favorite jam. Enjoy it as much as Brandon-Nicole did when creating it.

Follow Brandon-Nicole on social media @cloudbnicole and check out her official website ( for more information.


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