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Shreveport Louisiana-based up-and-coming songstress Bri Rocket’s “Bad Tattoo” is the perfect anthem for bad choices in relationships!

With a powerhouse old-school vocal range and an inimitable stage presence, Shreveport Louisiana-based singer-songwriter Bri Rocket smoothly navigates melodies, she seamlessly integrates her signature country style with unique R&B influences, always maintaining her identity and authenticity. She builds on her past musical endeavors by drawing from a wide array of musical influences, walking the line between many genres and styles while still maintaining her Country identity, which has endeared her to a global following that keeps on growing by the day.

 Her latest single, “Bad Tattoo”, is essential for fans who appreciate relatable lyrics, captivating instrumentation, and emotional delivery.

Bri delivers a captivating performance in this authentic masterpiece. Composed from a place of both strength and vulnerability, it contrasts with her more upbeat, dance-driven single, “Ride Out.”

The incredible drum hits set the tone for the song, accompanied by charming guitar licks. Bri then makes an appearance, softly gliding through the soundscape with her crystal clear voice that is just as gentle as it is powerful.

Her impressive vocal range and country tone vividly narrate the song’s story through her lyrics and emotive delivery. Her unique style and sound evoke the legendary artistry of Dolly Parton and Carrie Underwood.

“Bad Tattoo” borrows from real human experiences and emotions, capturing raw emotions of regret following time wasted, bad choices, and permanent experiences ensuing from failed relationships.

This track provides a profound musical experience that transcends mere listening—with an unforgettable chorus and remarkable instrumental versatility, particularly the impressive guitar licks that intensify as the track progresses. Bri’s delightful vocals are magically woven into the rise and fall of the instruments, and her words are spoken with such raw emotion behind them that you could begin to grasp the gravity of the thoughts and meaning behind each verse.

As previously mentioned, this track is a worthwhile listen for all music enthusiasts and is readily available on all popular streaming platforms.

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