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Ukrainian-Australian metal band Bridging Oceans has cooked up a gloriously energetic and lyrically power piece against the cancel culture dubbed “Anti-Woke”

Vocalist and guitarist, Stanis Halushka, is based out of Ukraine, while drummer and lyricist Stuart Hammond lives in Australia. Bridging Oceans is a metal band working on each side of the divide with the overarching ambition of achieving a positive global impact with their music and creating songs that uplift minds, awaken self-belief, and equip listeners with the courage to face life head-on. The music here is adored for much more than just the sound; the lyricism and message behind each track that resonates with listeners on various levels are also given priority.

Bridging Oceans is back with an anti-cancel anthem dubbed “Anti-Woke,” inspired by global events where people are forcefully imposing their religious beliefs on others, brandishing them as true beliefs and bashing people who have a different opinion from them.

We have all experienced the cancel culture grow from beneath our wings and spread like wildfire, and even things once joked about are now considered sensitive. What has our world come to? Can we restore our sense of humor and mutual respect for differing opinions?

With its metal and progressive attitude, gritty rock elements, distorted guitars, pounding drums, and screaming/snarly vocals, “Anti-Woke” is a straight-to-the-point metal rocker that revels in its intricate sense of musical identity and brilliantly brash demeanor.

The growly nature of the bass, the hard-hitting drums, and the punk-infused vocals inject this song with that quintessential metal-rock attitude that really heightens the song’s overall energetic qualities.

I love how, as the track progresses, the band unleashes a mind-blowing medley of electric riffs, displaying such guitar virtuosity and awe-inspiring showmanship that whisks the listener to another realm altogether.

There’s plenty of swagger, melodic sass, and an inexorable sense of character in this jewel that deserves a place in any rock music playlist!

Bridging Oceans is also gearing up for the release of their 10-track album and three music videos set to be released very soon.

To stream “Anti-Woke”, follow the link below, add the song to your library, and share it with fellow rock enthusiasts.

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