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The highly versatile and acclaimed duo Brownsuede deliver another masterpiece dubbed “See You Again.”

Attorneys by day, musicians by night: Lud Creary and Doc Martin, who go professionally as Brownsuede are the best thing to happen to eclectic music in this new era. A powerhouse duo, they showcased just how much talent they boast in their arsenal when they released their 2020 self-titled EP, going on to win over critics and fans alike with such unequalled musicianship. Building on the swelling wave of momentum the EP brought, Brownsuede have been on a steady rise, feeding the industry with back-to-back music hits that cut across the genres of R&B, soul, hip hop, rock, jazz, and others.

Brownsuede have actually redefined the term versatility by seamlessly blending sweet-talking vocals and composed pieces that highlight the duo’s deep sense of genre knowledge as well as instrumental prowess. It has been quite an ear-opener listening to their music and realizing that there are artists out there who have still maintained that rare authenticity to be revered. If anything, Brownsuede are setting the standards on what it is like to be successful as an artist and still chase your other dreams without relenting.

Brownsuede have so much set for this year, including their sophomore EP, “Memory Lane,” that is in its final touches. The track, “See You Again” is a track off of this EP, and a tantalizing one at that. For anyone who appreciates a raw form of guitar melody supplemented by sensual, soulfully raw, and sweet-sounding vocals, “See You Again” is a must-have record!

Brimming with melody and bursting with sublime guitar virtuosity, “See You Again” is a masterclass in guitar technology and vocal showmanship. Blending that marvelous sense of artisanship with awe-inspiring musicality, this is Brownsuede at its best; a tune that is full of heart and soul and one that resonates deeply with its listener.

The sheer amount of technical dexterity on display is undeniably marvelous, with Brownsuede taking you to a nearby musical paradise with that unique blend of the guitar melody and incredible vocals. It also helps that at its core, there is that delectably memorable chorus to sing along to!

“See You Again” as part of the larger “Memory Lane” EP, highlights a very familiar tale about being in denial over an already dead relationship. This is the case of still having high hopes even when everything unfolding is contrary to your ‘self-possessed’ reality.

The lead vocalist Martin does well to bring out the raw emotions of the tune and you have got to love the captivating vocal harmonies that really give this tune its blissful features and really augment those heartfelt strong emotions pertaining to the feelings of denial and holding out to some false hopes.

The mellow guitar tones really provide a solid support for the vocals to flourish…what you get in return is a lively performance that feels like it is being performed live for you. This is soulfully emotional, raw, and near perfect!

There is a great deal for soul and R&B devotees to expect when Brownsuede drops the entire “Memory Lane” EP, which taps into the reality of meeting a woman, falling in love with her, being smitten by her, breaking up with her, being heartbroken and in denial, to finally accepting that dose of fate and focusing on healing, self-love, and moving on to finding new love.

Before then, you get to enjoy this fascinating body of work that I have no doubt many listeners will relate to: follow the attached link and find a spot for it under your favorite playlist!

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